Concert Grade Banana Leaf Style Guqin Traditional Chinese 7 String Zither


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Brand: Si Yue.

Style: banana leaf.

Grade: concert grade.

Body: aged fir wood.

Peg: black sandalwood.

Emblem: mother of pearl.

String: steel & nylon strings.

Lacquer: pure natural lacquer.

Within the lacquer: deer horn powder and other.

Accessories:  a hard guqin case, a thick blue guqin bag, a set of exquisite guqin tassels, a pair of anti-slip mat, a piece of table cloth, a piece of guqin cleaning cloth, an electric tuner and a tutorial book (Chinese).

This is our concert grade banana leaf style guqin made by our experienced guqin makers with care. The body is made of aged fir wood and the surface is treated by pure natural lacquer and deer horn powders. Both great materials and fine workmanship contribute to its resonate, mellow and deep sound.