1. Who is Si Yue Music?

Si Yue Music is a profesional guqin company located in Taizhou city, Jiangsu province of China.

2. What are the qualities of your guqins?

We only make and sell high quality guqins. We don't do low quality ones.

3. Are your guqins hand made?

Yes every guqin is hand made. 

4. What kind of lacquer are used on your guqins?

We only use natural lacquer for every guqin. 

5. Are your guqins suitable for silk strings?

Defintely. Our guqins are concert grade ones and above, which can be well suited for silk strings. 

6. Where do Si Yue Music ship to?

We ship worldwide.

7. What is the shipping method do you company use and what is the shipping time?

We normally use express companies like EMS, FedEx or DHL. The shipping time to destinations worldwide will be about 2 weeks. 

8. Will I get a tracking number when my guqin is shipped?

Yes you will. 

9. Will my guqin be safe upon arrival?

Yes we use professional shockproof packaging for every guqin, so your guqin will be protected well and will arrive saftely.

10. What if my guqin arrives damaged?

We will send you immediate replacement or offer full refund when we receive the damaged pictures from you.

11. What accessories does my guqin come with? 

We offer full accessories along with the guqin, including guqin carrying case, guqin thick cloth bag, electric tuner, anti-slip matts, etc. You can refer to the description page of every guqin.

12. Is it safe buying on your site?

Yes defintely. We use SSL for our site and use PayPal for processing credit card payments. Your informaiton is fully encrypted.