The maintainance of guqin strings

A guqin normally comes with either nylon strings or silk strings, between which the nylon strings are the most commonly used. So we're going to talk about the maintanance of nylon strings mainly. The nylon strings are with steel inside and nylon covered. This treatment of stings can best stand the pressing and rubbing of nails. Good nylon strings touch smooth. Be sure to keep hard, sharp or rough things away from the strings, because once the string is broken, the threads will come out, then the whole string will be useless. You may also want to keep your children and pets away from the strings. It's normal for the first 2 strings to become reddish gradually because there're metals in the first 2 strings for producing deep sound. 

The maintainance of lacquer surface

Great guqins normally apply the traditional lacquering methods, combining natural lacquer and deer horn powders when lacquering, dring different layers of lacquer step by step and letting all the layers dry for 1-2 years before panting the surface lacquer. So it's important to protect the lacquer of a guqin. You may want to keep the guqin surface from dust, sunshine, wind, rain, extreme whether and hard stuff when not playing. Some dust may hide under the strings, this way the rubbinig between the surface and the strings may lead to the abrasing of the surface. So you may want to clean the surface of the guqin with a piece of soft cloth before playing, especially under the strings. However, after years of using, there may be some marks of wear and tear under the strings where you press often, which is totally normal.